Tap water contamination is a very serious matter. Unfortunately, few people are aware of it. Over the years, there have been numerous cases of tap water contamination in the U.S.A. What people must understand is that even if your tap water is not contaminated with dangerous chemicals, it is still bad for your health. Water treatment facilities use chlorine and chloramine in order to treat the water. While small amounts of chlorine are not dangerous for one’s health in the short run, prolonged exposure to chlorine and its byproducts can lead to serious health problems in the long run. The best solution for avoiding health problems caused by tap water is to install a whole house water filter. In what follows, we will discuss 3 major ways in which such a system can protect your health.

It provides pure drinking water

One way in which most people avoid drinking tap water is by buying bottled water. Nevertheless, few people know that bottled water does not always come from fresh mountain springs. In most cases, it is plain tap water, filtered in a way similar to the way that the whole house system filters the tap water. As such, it is wasteful to buy bottled water, when a water filter can offer you the same pure water, at a fraction of a the cost of bottled water.

It protects your whole body from tap water chemicals

If buying bottled water is a way in which you can avoid ingesting tap water contaminants, only a whole house water filter can protect your entire body. Every time we take a shower, our skin pores open up, thus allowing chlorine and its byproducts to be absorbed by our body. We will tell you a very important, yet little known fact: during a 20 minute shower, the human body absorbs about 8 times more chlorine than it does when drinking a glass of water. A whole house water filter, will purify all the water that you use in your home, thus offering a complete protection against chlorine and other more dangerous contaminants. Moreover, if you invest in a good system with an integrated water softener, you will soon notice that your skin, your hair and your hails will be a lot healthier. If you want to take a look at the best whole house water filters, we invite you to check out the waterfiltration.reviews site.

It protects your respiratory system

This fact may seem harder to believe but bear with us. When water gets hot or it is agitated, it creates vapors. The water molecules that form the vapors contain chlorine and chloramine, elements which can irritate the respiratory system. As such, you are at risk every time you take a shower, you run the dishwasher or your flush the toilet. Ideally, you should ventilate your home as often as possible, but if you want the air in your home to be chlorine-free, a whole house water filter is the only solution.