There are some appliances around your house that can influence your health in a negative way due to some of their features or the technologies they use in order to operate. Although you initially buy these appliances to ease your life and to increase your level of comfort, you might discover that they can damage your health if you do not use them right or if you use them for too long. To help you take care of your health, the following article presents you some of the most common appliances that could damage your health and safer alternatives you could use instead.

The microwave oven

This is an appliance you find in most households because they are practical and can ease the cooking process by helping you defrost, cook or reheat the food easier than with a regular oven. Over time, many studies have shown that the excessive use of the microwave can seriously damage the health due to the exposure to radiation. The main concern is that the waves destroy the nutrients and vitamins in the food, which leads to poor nutritional meals. Also, if you use plastic containers inside the microwave, they will react with the microwaves and emit carcinogens that can trigger cancer. The long exposure to the microwave oven can even interfere with the heart rate and cause irregular heartbeat in people who suffer from cardiac problems. Therefore, you must be very careful when you use the microwave in order to eliminate the side effects and the possible threats to your health.

The gas heater

The gas heaters are another common appliance that can influence the health of those who use them to heat their homes. Gas heaters use propane, butane or liquefied gas that is lit with a spark in order to emit heat. However, these heaters also emit smoke and carbon monoxide during the burning process, which can be toxic and sometimes lethal if the exposure is long. To avoid intoxication, headaches, nausea and dizziness due to the gas emissions, you could use an infrared heater instead of a gas heater. The infrared heater emits heat rays similar to the sun rays to heat the objects and bodies in the room, having no toxic emissions and no harmful effects on your health.

The ozone air purifiers

Although these may seem harmless, there are several hidden dangers inside these purifiers that are meant to clean the air in your house. The ozone is not safe for daily air purifying because it is a toxic air pollutant and a strong oxidant, being the main ingredient of ground-level smog, therefore, you may want to reconsider using it frequently around your home. Instead, you can choose air purifiers based on other technologies that can efficiently and safely purify the air in your home.