In the past years, cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most popular services that patients want to receive. Besides traditional general dentistry, this sub-branch has developed a lot, since the evolution of technology has allowed specialist to use performing techniques and pieces of equipment. Given the fact that many people have a complex related to the manner their teeth look, they are often willing to try various cosmetic methods, in order to make their smile seem brighter and healthier. The cosmetic procedures are not painful and are able to deliver immediate results, correcting the imperfections on the spot. Nowadays, there are many clinics offering this type of services, and if you want to find out more about the topic, you should visit, the official page of a professional dentistry practice from Toronto. Here are some of the services you may find useful, in case you make a dental appointment with a specialist:

Dental veneers


The veneers are some small shells of dental material which are placed over the natural teeth, in order to correct certain imperfections, such as cracks, chips, color or gaps. The covering layer can be made of several materials, but the most popular is porcelain, because it is more resistant and reflects the light as same as the natural enamel of the teeth. The translucent layer is applied over the teeth, using a special adhesive solution, after the superficial layer of enamel is replaced. This procedure is the ideal choice for those who want to correct superficial imperfections, especially for the front teeth.


Dental bonding

This method is slightly similar to the first one, but it involves the use of a special composite resin material, which is placed on the front teeth in order to fill the gaps, cracks and cavities, repair worn out teeth or build up a new tooth. The composites may be made of more than one material, but most of them consist in a white, naturally tooth-colored plastic. The bonding is a procedure used to restore decayed teeth, change their natural color (cover stains or whitening them) and even make cosmetic improvements (straightening the teeth and changing their shape).
specialized mold inspector


This is a method rather new that may not be available in any dentistry practice. Invisalign represents an innovative orthodontic procedure, which is generally used instead of unaesthetic and uncomfortable metal braces, in order to straighten the teeth. The method is completely painless and discrete, offering the patient the possibility to go on with their normal life. Invisalign consists in a transparent layer which is placed over the teeth, so it is 100% safe, efficient and nearly invisible. Each appliance is custom made depending on the patient’s natural denture and also on the timeframe and the results they want to achieve. Normally, if the straightening process last longer, the patient has to visit the specialist from time to time, to assess the changes and decide if a new appliance must be done, due to the denture’s changes.