Having a beautiful smile is something anybody wants. However, while some people have been lucky to be born with a perfect dentition, others are struggling to solve their problems as long as they live. Crooked teeth, for example, are one of the most common reasons why people decide to visit the dentist’s clinic and get treatment. These not only look pretty bad, but they also prevent proper cleaning, thus being the cause for several conditions. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of solutions you can choose from if you want your teeth to become straight, neat and beautiful. The most popular one is, of course, represented by dental braces, which are extremely efficient and convenient.

What are dental braces?

The braces, also known as “cases” or “orthodontic cases” are the most common treatment recommended by orthodontics specialists for teeth alignment. The procedure is a combination between cosmetic and traditional dentistry, as it solves more than one problem. The device consists in a complex system, customised for each and every patient in particular, so that teeth get straightened and the patient can achieve the correct alignment of their denture, for proper bite and aesthetic purposes. The braces can be divided in many categories, depending on the material they are made of. You can select between the traditional ones (made of metal wires), transparent structures (also called “clear”) and personalised removable braces (these are not permanent and you can take them off anytime you want). In the past years, even traditional braces and be customised and embellished, as they come in several colours and forms, very appealing especially for kids. Normally, the doctor makes a recommendation based on the situation and most of the times, those with severe problems have to use permanent metal braces.

How do braces work?

The process is actually simple: the wires and plates apply pressure on the teeth, moving them as a result of this repeated action. The entire system is made of four major components (brackets, bonding material, arch wire and ligature elastic), each having its own role in the re-arrangement of the teeth. These will slowly slide towards the direction dictated by the braces, which is why it is extremely important to have to designed correctly from the beginning.

Why are braces necessary?

A lot of patients are preoccupied by the aesthetic aspect mostly. Nobody wants to be ashamed of their look or avoid smiling in public because of their crooked teeth. As a consequence, they seek professional advice and treatment, in order to eliminate this issue. While braces are extremely efficient from this point of view, aligning teeth perfectly few people know that they are more than just a mere cosmetic procedure. Crooked teeth can lead to serious problems and health issues for the patient, as they prevent proper cleaning of the dental cavity. Furthermore, they modify the original bite. This can cause decay, tartar and even severe jaw dysfunctions. As you can see, dental braces are the perfect treatment both aesthetically and medically.