Beauty products are usually used to enhance the aspect, to correct some flaws or to highlight a quality of a person. But in some cases, these beauty products can cause more harm than good, as they can affect the health of the user and even disfigure parts of their body. Here are the most common beauty products you are likely to use on the daily basis and their side effects.

Hair problems

Several hair products state that they can solve your hair problems, but in reality they can cause more to occur. Products like shampoos, conditioners, gels and serums can cause the hair to lose its shine, its strength, and eventually to fall if they contain poor quality and artificial ingredients. Styling products like hair sprays, hair wax or gels can cause the scalp to become red and itchy and can even lead to hair discoloration and loss. The excessive use of hair dye, especially in teenagers, can trigger allergic reactions and can lead to hair fall.

Premature aging of the skin

Skin creams and serums that are designed to fight the signs of age on your skin, but can have the opposite effect if you do not choose quality products that have genuine reviews and deliver satisfying results. Also, the prolonged use of makeup products and creams can cause deep wrinkles and premature aging of the skin because the skin gets clogged with all the chemicals in the products.

Damage to the nails

Even the apparently harmless nail polish can cause damage to the nails as they start to become fragile and lose their natural color if you always wear a layer of nail polish. Also, the acrylic gel used in manicure and pedicure affects the health of the nails and makes them easy to break because this gel is toxic and the waves used to dry it get in the nail and destroy its nutrients.

Skin irritations and allergies

The main problem with skin care products is that they can cause allergies, red spots, itchiness or even severe skin diseases. If you use a body lotion or a cream that makes your skin feel uncomfortable, red and itchy, stop using that cream and see a dermatologist, as you can experience further unpleasantness.

Harm to the eyes

The eyes are very sensitive and using many products on them can cause irritations, temporary vision problems or worse, blindness. Makeup products such as mascara, eyeliner or eyelid shadow contain chemicals and metals that can affect the health of the eyes if you use them excessively or if they get into your eyes. The eyelash growth serum is starting to gain popularity among women who want to have longer and thicker lashes, but this product can cause redness, burning eyes and dark spots on the skin around the eyes and on the iris. If you are considering using such a produce, we advise you to consider the products presented on The products presented on that website are accompanied by unbiased reviews featuring the benefits of those serums as well as the possible side effects.