Juice diets are very popular at the moment. Whether they are advertized as weight loss or cleansing diets, the internet is full of juice diets. Nevertheless, there is more to juice diets than meets the eye. Lets see if the body needs these diets and how exactly they affect your health.

Does your body need a cleanse?

If they are made from organic fruits, juices are indeed toxin free. Nevertheless, the problem with juice diets is that they are not well documented. They present a hypothetical story, dotted with a few medical terms in order to convince you that they are indeed medically documented. Nevertheless, they refer to toxins like these strange things that attack out body. These diets never name specific toxins, but regard all of them as a whole which can be fought with miracle cocktail recipes or herbal teas. Moreover, few people seem to understand that the human body is already equipped with all the tools necessarily for cleansing itself. The human body cleanses itself everyday and you eliminate toxins each time you sweat or you go to the bathroom. If the body was unable to do this, we would all die within a few months.

Can juice diets help you lose weight

Things are a little more complicated here, since people who want to lose weight are willing to do anything to reach their goals. The thing is that juices are low on calories. Nevertheless, since the body doesn’t receive any normal food during such a diet, it starts breaking down the muscles in search of glycogen which is stored along with water. Therefore, although you eat a lot of liquids, the weight that you lose during a juice diet is mostly water weight, which will be gained back as soon as you return to a normal diet. Juice diets also deprive your body of essential nutrients such as proteins, fiber and fat.

It is important to understand that all miracle diets have a major flaw: they do not change your eating habits, so the efforts that your body does during a week are meaningless because you eventually return to your old diet. In order to lose weight and stay fit you must be disciplined and patient. Instead of focusing on an ideal weight, establish other purposes: such as building up a six pack, being able to do complicated yoga poses or being able to run a marathon. Focus not on what a healthy body must look like, but on what a healthy body can do. A healthy body is full of energy, it is flexible, it is relaxed and it can help you move mountains.

Are juice diets dangerous?

When you look at the colorful pictures of various cocktail recipes, you must think that something that looks this good and it is only made of natural ingredients can’t possibly be bad for your health. Well, in most cases it isn’t. If you are clinically healthy and you don’t keep a juice diet for more than a week, you will be fine. You won’t achieve the promised results, but your long-term health won’t be affected, even if you may experience some dizziness, on account on the low caloric intake. Nevertheless, keep in mind that consuming all your fruits as juices is not a good long term plan. A natural juice is a healthier alternative to sodas, but the fruits are stripped of a lot of nutrients during the juicing process. As such, consume juices moderately, as part of a well balanced diet.