If you have made the decision to invest in a custom adhesive tape, chances are it is for a reasonably important purpose. With so many generic adhesive products available these days, it is only those who are chasing truly flawless results that work with adhesive tape manufacturers for the benefit of their business.  Right now, more industries than ever before are exploring the possibilities with the adhesive products and walking away from conventional joining methods permanently. From aerospace to agriculture to automotive to all kinds of manufacturing environments, custom adhesive tapes are helping deliver faster, better and cheaper results.

Nevertheless, when it comes to ensuring you get the most from your custom adhesive tapes, there are certain guidelines to follow. It is absolutely inevitable that if you do not use, handle and look after your adhesive tapes exactly as intended, their properties are likely to be compromised.

Here’s a quick roundup of just a few tips from the experts, when it comes to getting the most from your custom adhesive tapes:

1 – Manufactured for Purpose

First of all, you need to be extremely careful and thorough when it comes to the initial process of determining exactly what you need the tape for. When you organise for a custom adhesive tape to be manufactured on your behalf, it will be manufactured in direct accordance with your requests and requirements. As such, you need to know exactly what these requirements are before going ahead.  Think about exactly how the tape is to be used, what it is to be used for and then ensure that you yourself only ever use it for the specific purpose alone. If it wasn’t manufactured for purpose, you cannot expect it to deliver outstanding results.

2 – A Quality Provider

One of the most fundamentally important considerations is that of exactly who you work with, in order to have your custom adhesive products manufactured.  Just as is the case across every contemporary industry, not all manufacturers and service providers are operating at the same high level.  Quite to the contrary in fact – especially when incorporating a world of resellers and middlemen. As such, it is definitely in your best interests to carry out at least a little research, prior to going ahead and deciding which service provider to work with. Look into their background, experience, specialism, feedback from customers and so on – leave no stone unturned and make sure you make the right decision.

3 – Read the Instructions

Even if you have handled hundreds of adhesive tapes before, there’s every chance that this particular adhesive tape should be handled quite differently.  Taking things for granted and ignoring the manufacturer’s guidelines is never a good idea – assuming you want to get the very most from the products you purchase. It may be time consuming and anything but thrilling, but it is nonetheless of critical importance to read the instructions from start to finish, before putting any kind of adhesive product to use. Not only this, but reading the instructions is also of fundamental importance from a health and safety perspective. After all, you can’t expect to fully understand how dangerous or otherwise an adhesive product may be, if you don’t read the guidelines and safe practice recommendations in full.

4 – Sensible Storage

Exactly how and where you choose to store your adhesive tapes can and will have an impact on both their performance and their longevity. In some instances, you will be able to store adhesive tapes almost anywhere and still have them perform with maximum efficiency. In others, any kind of ambient humidity, excessively high or particularly low temperatures could have a dramatic effect on the performance of the adhesive. The same also goes for storing flammable adhesive products near open flames or sources of extreme heat, which for obvious reasons really isn’t a good idea. Once again, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for all the information you’ll need.

5 – Prepared Surfaces

Last but not least, one of the most important considerations when it comes to ensuring your adhesive products do their job properly is whether or not the surfaces to be bonded have been sufficiently prepared. The reason being that in most instances, if there is even the slightest trace of moisture, dust, grease or grime of any kind, the integrity of the bonds may be compromised severely. As such, it is of crucial importance to ensure that the services have been appropriately prepared, which means both cleaning and drying them thoroughly before applying the adhesive tape.