Any type of physical activity has great benefits of men’s health, as you may guess. However, football seems to bring a lot more benefits than other sports. From increased agility, better cardiovascular health and higher muscle strength, they can all translate into a better general health. A friendlier alternative for those trying to get into shape is to find out where to play 5 aside in London and hit the field. It is a slight difference between traditional football and this variation. The difference comes in the number of players, while traditional football has 10 players, excepting the goalkeeper, there is the variation with 5 players, this one being considerably more accessible. If you are interested in finding out more about the health benefits football has for men, you can continue reading below.

1. Increased cardiovascular health

A player runs approximately 5 miles during a game, which as you might guess has effects on the cardiovascular system as well. Keeping your heart pumping has the role of strengthening the muscles, since all of them need to be worked a bit for functioning on proper levels. Also, the increased blood flow in the cardiovascular system helps preventing the plaque build in the coronary arteries.

2. Reduces body fat

Even if it’s not visible, we all have body fat. If not on the surface, then it might be present around internal organs, compressing them. This type of fat is more dangerous, and football can help reducing it. Working both the muscles and heart in a number of ways, you can burn it rapidly. If you make a weekly habit out of playing football, your chances of building muscle and reducing fat layers increase.

3. Increases brain functions

When exercising, your brain is flooded with blood, in a good way, making concentration easier and enjoyable. Moreover, due to the fact you have to concentrate on your team and the opposing one as well, you are continuously working your brain functions. Also, the fact that it all develops so fast, you must make fast decision s and evaluate situations even faster.

4. It can help develop team-oriented instincts

Men tend to be territorial, and this prevents them oftentimes from making team-oriented decisions. However, when practicing football, you must coordinate your actions with other’s actions, only this way a good outcome being possible.

Football surely has a large number of benefits, and if you are interested in this type of game, you can search the web and see what your alternatives are.