Everyone is stressed out when they have to attend a job interview, because their career depends on this. When it comes to the healthcare interview you know that the questions are going to be tough, because employers want to make sure that they will hire experts. When you will meet with the recruiters you should expect them to ask you some basic questions as What was your motivation to become a doctor? But there will also be tough questions you should make sure that you will be able to answer. Some of the questions are specific to the job you apply for, because every doctor has a certain specialisation, and they have to know for sure that you are the right person for that job. They have to check if you know to interpret patient’s data and if you know how to conduct an investigation, because these are some of the most important steps from the process of assessing a patient. Here are some questions the majority of recruiters ask when they hold a healthcare job interview.

Can you tell us what the biggest mistake you made in your career is?

 This is one of the toughest questions you will have to answer during an interview. No one wants to talk about their failures, and you will think that the healthcare recruiting company wants to trap you. The employer does not want to criticise you, but they want to know how you handled it. They want to find out what you have learned from that experience, because everyone makes mistakes but it is important to use them in order to avoid making others in the future.

Can you tell us if you have ever disagreed with a co-worker?

This is one of the classic questions. There are hundreds of stories you can tell, but if you want to be accepted then you have to find a story that shows recruiters how you solved the situation. They have to see that you are a professional, and even if you had disagreements, you managed to deal with the conflict. It is difficult to avoid getting into a conflict when working in the medical field, because you are exposed to great stress so do not lie to them.

Why do you prefer this health care domain?

You have to show them that you are the right person for the job. You should share them your motivations, and be sincere, because an experienced recruiter can see when you have just learnt some answers and now you offer them. A great way to answer this question if to share them a story that was a crucial factor in making the decision. Some people want to become doctors because they had a sick relative when they were young, and they wanted to be able to help people more. Others consider it the best way to help their community. The purpose of this question is to see if you put the patient’s interest first or you want to get the job in order to show how an awesome doctor you are. Show them that you are committed to your profession and they will choose you.