The importance that we give to hair care derives from the desire to have a more pleasant appearance. People often complain of a lack of volume or brightness, unmanageable curls, burnt tips … there is always something going wrong. As you may already know, a beautiful hair can tell a lot about ourselves. It is therefore important to find many tricks and tips to help keep it healthy, shiny and full of life.

Healthy diet for a healthy hair

A healthy diet is the key to healthy hair. Protein and vitamin B5 are critical to ensure a healthy hair and scalp. Eggs, nuts and cheeses are necessary proteins that shouldn’t miss from your breakfast or lunch. Vitamins such as Vitamin B5 which can be found in brown rice, beans or whole grains strengthen the hairline. Note that coffee stimulates the secretion of sebum at the roots, which promotes the development of dandruff.
However, try to eat a lot of fruits, fish, poultry, green vegetables as well as milk and whole grain products. They provide large amounts of biotin, zinc, iron and folic acid.

How to correctly shampoo and treat your har

Frequent and unnecessary washing burdens the hair and dries it. The sebum makes the skin soft and protects hair from drying and breaking. However, as unwashed hair is not appealing, you can use a dry shampoo that eliminates unwanted odors, dirt and excess sebum. Dry shampoo is applied using a spray and a comb.
After washing, always use a conditioner or hair mask for long hair, especially on tips. Natural cosmetics are recommended because products that contain chemicals offer instant results but have a damaging effect on your hair. If you want to have a beautiful and shiny hair you can use cold-pressed oils. We recommend the following oils: coconut, argan or avocado. If you prefer natural remedies you can use masks based on egg yolks for a moisturizing effect.

How to keep your hair healthy when using a flat iron

No matter how much you like straight hair, try to avoid using a flat iron everyday. Use it only when it is absolutely necessary, meaning a few times a week. Avoid using a metal flat iron because it can damage your hair. Instead opt for a pure ceramic hair iron that will offer you great results without damaging your hair. It is very important to keep in mind that straightening your hair when it’s wet is a big mistake; you should straighten your hair only when it’s dry.