Back pain can occur due to trauma, certain infections, tumors or inappropriate position. When you go through a stressful period muscles contract and back pain can be very persisting. Insomnia or lack of sleep can also contribute to the occurrence of such problems. Fortunately, there are some methods that can help you alleviate back pains.

Get rid of back pains by investing in a snow blower

Hard work to clear snow causes repetitive muscle pain, back pains and register the slightest movement, so the weight of the tool you’re using for getting rid of snow definitely counts. Instead of using the traditional method of removing snow from your pathway, lawn with a shovel consider investing in a snow blower.  Opt for a snow blower made of lightweight materials that have an ergonomic design to reduce back pain and make your job easier. A good snow blower is characterized by durability, lightweight design, ergonomic handles, aluminum or steel blades and includes several different types of features that allow you to remove snow easily without getting back pains.

Best mattress for back pain

Back pain is often caused or aggravated by a poor quality mattress. A good mattress can make a big difference because it  will support your back, shoulders and neck area as necessary, helping you be into the right position during sleep, minimizing pressure points. The best mattress for reducing back pains are the ones that have memory foam layer. Memory foam plays an important role in distributing pressure throughout the body. The pressure on the spine will be substantially lowered and peripheral blood flow will not be affected. However, memory foam mattresses can rise your body temperature during the night and as a result you might feel extremely hot. During hot days, it’s recommended to opt instead for a latex mattress. Both materials absorb movement and reduce back pain. You can find the best memory foam and latex mattresses on

Joint pain: how to relieve pain

Back pain is of many types. It may be of rheumatic or degenerative causes. Physical inactivity, obesity or wrong sleep positions may also be a cause of such pain. In contrast, degenerative problems arise with age, because the joints wear out. Joint pain is also a major cause of back pain, especially lower pain. Generally, as a rule of prevention is better to avoid sitting down all day. The rule says that after every hour of sitting, it is normal to take a ten minute break. Also, when you are at work, don’t cross legs, don’t hunch over or stare into the computer (the distance between the monitor and the eye should be more than 30 centimeters).