All of us love summer, this wonderful and full of charm season. What we must be aware of are the high temperatures that can harm us if we are not following some simple steps for protecting our health. If you don’t know what is best for you and your family to do, then here is how to avoid a heat stroke during summer.

Stay cool

Do not go outdoors unless it is absolutely necessary. This is the most important thing that you and your family must do. If it is not absolutely necessary, then you must not go outdoors. Stay indoors, and relax. If you don’t have an A.C, and you feel that the temperature is too high indoors, you should use a tower fans. These devices circulate the air, cooling the atmosphere the in process. You can learn more about these cooling fans, from the website which has a ton of useful tower fan reviews. On the other hand, if you have something to do, and you need to walk for, then you must take a sun umbrella with you. You can wear a hat as well, in order to protect your head from the hot sunlight.

You must wear lightweight clothes

In order to not absorb too much of the sun’s rays when going outdoors, you must wear only lightweight clothes at all times. Go for white, beige, or any other light colors. Furthermore, you must remember that cotton clothing is highly recommended for hot days of summer. Therefore, choose this fabric instead of others, in order to feel cool at all times.

Hydrate properly

You probably already know that in the summer you must hydrate properly, in order to avoid heatstroke. It is important to do this by consuming only still water. Sugared drinks, coffee, and alcohol must certainly be avoided at all times. Therefore, keep in mind to always have with you a bottle of water, every time you go outdoors.

Avoid staying outdoors in the sun in the middle of the day

If you have some things to do, it is highly recommended to go outdoors in the morning, late afternoon, or in the evening. During the day, the temperatures go very high in the summer, and the radiations can also be very dangerous to your health. Therefore, if you are wondering how to avoid a heat stroke during summer, you must keep in mind to stay indoors in the afternoon, if it is possible. The sunlight can be very dangerous to your health between 12:00 AM and 16:00 PM. Between these hours, specialists recommend us to stay indoors, if possible.

Don’t make any physical effort

Physical effort must definitely be avoided. If you use to go out for a run, or at the gym, then you must avoid doing this during the day. You should better do it in the evening, or very early in the morning. Gardening must also be avoided when temperatures go up.