Sensitive skin is the most problematic type of skin. For starters, it is very hard to pinpoint what exactly is causing the skin to be sensitive. It could be a matter of using the wrong skin products, overusing skin care products, a bad diet or unhealthy habits. Nevertheless, sensitive skin causes many discomforts, but there are ways of dealing with it. Stick with us as we uncover the best sensitive skin health tips.

What causes skin sensitivity?

Understanding your skin tone and choosing the best products for your skin type is one of the best skin health tips. In most cases, it is the women who are affected by skin sensitivity. This is due to the fact that women determine their skin type themselves without asking for the opinion of a dermatologist. As a result, they can use skin care products that are not suitable for their skin. Women also diagnose their skin with various conditions, which also leads to the use of bad skin care products. Various skin treatments can also cause problems, even if they are natural. For example, women who suffer from dark spots often turn to natural remedies such as lemon or vinegar instead of using professional skin lightening creams. Acid ingredients can dry the skin and even cause irritations. A skin lightening cream suitable for your skin type is a better alternative, even if it is more expensive.

Men are also affected by skin sensitivity. Whether they smoke, they don’t use any skin products or they don’t drink enough fluids, a sensitive skin can be as troublesome to a man as it is to a woman.

How can you treat sensitive skin?

For starters, it is important to go to a dermatologist in order to determine your exact skin type. Your skin may be sensitive altogether, or you may have a combination between sensitive skin and normal skin. Along with your dermatologist you can establish a skin care routine. Believe it or not, despite what the skin care industry would have us believe, not all women must use a cleanser, a toner and a moisturizer every day. In fact, women with sensitive skin are better off using just toner and moisturizer since most cleansers can be very harsh on the skin.

As far as men are concerned, aside from using the proper skin care products, they must give special attention to their shaving routine. Common razors can be very harsh on the skin. Nowadays, there are electric shavers especially designed for sensitive skin. We are talking about rotary electric shavers that adapt to the face’s natural contours without putting too much pressure on the skin. Some shavers even feature cooling technologies or special features that prevent pulling and plucking.

People with sensitive skin must be particularly careful when dealing with various skin imperfections such as acne or skin tags. Products designed for these imperfections can damage a sensitive skin. Cheap skin tag removal creams can even cause scars. It is essential to look for treatments suitable for your skin type and to respect the product’s instructions if you want to avoid scaring your skin permanently.