The baby bottles must be sanitized frequently in order to keep germs and bacteria from developing and getting into the baby’s mouth. Although you can’t perform this operation after every uses, it is best that you wash and sanitize the baby bottles at least once a day to make sure the baby doesn’t get in contact with harmful germs. Also, the clothes that the baby wears should be very clean and there are also ways you can sanitize the clothes to protect the sensitive skin of your baby. Here are some ways in which you can sanitize the baby bottle sand the clothes so that your baby will grow up in a safe environment.

Boil the bottles in water to kill the germs

The most common way that most moms use to sanitize their babies’ bottles is to boil them in a pot with hot water. Place a pot of water on the stove and bring it to a boil, then turn off the heat and insert the baby bottles, the pacifiers, and any other item that the baby puts in their mouth. The hot water will kill all the germs that are developed inside the bottles and will keep the baby away from infections or allergies.

Don’t use the microwave for baby bottle sanitation

Although sanitizing the baby bottles in the microwave is considered to be an option, you should avoid doing so. The microwave radiations can interfere with the molecules in the material of the bottles and can release toxic chemicals that will endanger the baby’s health.

Sanitize the bottles in the dishwasher

A sanitizing procedure that is starting to gain more and more popularity among moms who want to have the job done quick is to use a dishwasher with a sanitizing feature. Some models include a washing cycle that uses very hot water and water jets with high pressure that gets the water around every corner of the bottle. This way of sanitizing the baby bottles makes sure that no milk remains hidden inside the bottle and guarantees complete sanitation against all germs. If you want to take a look at some dishwashers equipped with such features, check out the dishwasher reviews featured on the website.

Wash the clothes with baby detergent

You can wash the baby clothes in your regular washing machine after you thoroughly disinfect it using a special solution you can find in stores. When you wash your baby’s clothes, you should use a special detergent that is gentle to their sensitive skin and will not trigger irritations or allergies. A soap detergent specially designed for babies is what you should use and always wash their clothes separate from yours.

Use the clothes steamer to remove bacteria

You can complete the clothes’ cleaning and sanitizing by using a clothes steamer that will remove the dust particles and the bacteria from the baby’s clothes. The clothes steamer releases powerful steam that penetrates the fibers in the clothes and assures that the baby will enjoy clean and safe to wear clothes.