Most people who drink alcohol think they are “sensible” consumers, which means they follow some self-imposed guidelines and rules to remain on the safe side of the fence. Which is certainly a good thing to an extent, as to be careful about your drinking habits according to a set of rules is a lot more proactive than just drinking without any control or regard.

According to the professionals at alcohol rehab clinics however, a huge proportion of adults are following a set of guidelines that for the most part don’t make sense. It is nearly impossible not to fall foul of a wide variety of guidelines regarding alcohol when a) you have been thinking they are true your entire life and b) everybody else in the world appears to also follow these rules. Sadly, there is a huge difference between opinions and facts, which is why if you have been following any of these guidelines about alcohol, you have actually been getting it very wrong:

1 – If You Only Have One Drink per Hour, Driving Home Is Safe

Many adults read way too deeply into the belief that it takes 1 hour for the human body to process an alcoholic drink. Therefore, if you only consume one drink per hour, you should safe to drive. Sadly, not only do studies suggest that it’s closer to two hours, but the average rate of processing alcohol varies enormously from one individual to the next. Additionally, considering that every drink on the market has a different alcohol amount and might be served in a variety of ways and sizes it becomes impossible to rely on this rule. Therefore, even if you only consume one drink an hour, you might be significantly over the legal drive limit.

2 – You Can Get Sober Quickly if You Need To

It is widely believed that to down plenty of strong coffee or to take a cold shower will significantly speed up the sobering up process and you could recover much faster. The truth is however, there’s in fact nothing that really speeds up the process when it comes to sobering up. In fact, studies suggest that believing in things like caffeine can assist the process could actually be more harmful than beneficial. The reason is that not only the additional energy from caffeine mask the intoxication, but it could give the person in question a false feeling of security and convince them they are sober, when in reality they are quite to the contrary.

3 – Once You ‘Break The Seal’, You Will Spend Most Of The Evening Going To The Toilet

Contrary to what many people believe, precisely when you choose to first visit the bathroom during an evening out will have absolutely no influence on how frequently or how much you will need to pee. When you consume alcohol, you will naturally find yourself needing to go to the bathroom more often than you otherwise would. That is of course particularly the case if you’re downing pint after pint, as opposed to drinking shots. Nonetheless, the theory regarding the “breaking the seal” and then going to the bathroom non-stop is indeed nothing but a myth.

4 – Beer Causes Beer Bellies

There is some truth in this, as if you live the kind of life which is not especially healthy and centres around a great deal of beer drinking, it is quite likely you’re going to end up with a beer belly. Nevertheless, beer is not by any stretch the single cause of the beer belly – a flabby gut simply demonstrates that you’re overdoing something, or maybe everything. It is all about the calories you generally consume, not just the calories in the beer.

5 – Drinking Can Help You Sleep Better

Last up, while it is true that alcohol may help you fall asleep in the first place, the effect it has on the quality of sleep could be detrimental to say the least. Extensive studies have shown that REM sleep is disrupted to an enormous extent by consuming any alcohol before going to bed, meaning that while you might technically get more sleep, you’ll in fact feel worse in the morning than had you had significantly less sleep.