If you want to impress everyone you meet with an amazing smile, you should consider having your teeth whitened. This procedure is very popular nowadays, and you can choose from a wide variety of treatments. If you want to get quick results, you should try Zoom Whitening, a procedure performed at your local dental clinic. Your Frankston dentist can do this procedure and takes less than an hour.  Before you go, make sure you go for a regular cleaning before your teeth whitening to make sure you don’t have any dental issues beforehand.

What the procedure involves

You have to know that this procedure is a bleaching process which involves discoloration of tooth dentin and enamel. This procedure has to be made in-office by a specialist, using a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel, mixed with a small amount of ultra-violet light. Your dentist will take care to cover your gums and lips before starting the procedure, as the whitening solution has to be applied only on your teeth. The purpose of the UV light is to activate the whitening gel. There are  three coats of gel, and each has to be removed after 15 minutes. After the last coat, a special fluoride gel will be applied on your teeth. This gel is used to reduce any sensitivity you may experience after using the whitening gel. Your dentist will give you a kit that includes a whitening gel and trays and they will tell you how you should use it to keep your teeth white for a long time.

Why choose Zoom Whitening

This procedure makes teeth whitening faster, and you will notice its results immediately after you leave the dentist’s office. Zoom whitening allows your doctor to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades. You have the option of choosing the shade you want for your teeth, because it is customisable. This makes it a great procedure, because you have the option to have your teeth almost translucent, or you can lighten them just a few shades. The Zoom procedure is better  because its results last longer, and your dentist  gives  you a kit to use at home for small touch ups.  There is however a side effect to this, your teeth become a bit sensitive, but your dentist will advise you to apply fluoride gel. If after the procedure still have tooth sensitivity, then don’t worry as it will fade away in due time.