Golf is one of the few activities that can be practiced from 6 to 90 years. Although golf is seen as a easy and relaxing sport, it’s still an activity that requires physical movement. Find out how this sport can be beneficial to your health in the article below.

Golf is an excellent way to get rid of stress

Spending the day outdoors, in the field, in a peaceful setting … is the ideal way to disconnect for a couple of hours and enjoy your free time. Moreover, the practice of this sport instills values such as patience, concentration, self-control, respect for others, for the environment and so on. There are more and more companies that offer free golf courses to their employees to improve stress management.

Golf prolongs life up to 5 years

According to a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, practicing golf increases life expectancy of up to 5 years. The study compared the life expectancy of the population in Sweden with 300,000 golfers. It is concluded that golfers live on average five years longer than people who do not practice the sport.

Better prevention of cardiovascular risks

An 18-hole course is equal to 8 km walking. Between the climbs, descents, the golfer easily walk for four hours. It is therefore proven that playing golf (twice a week) increases the good cholesterol, thus reducing cardiovascular risks. That’s why this sport is often prescribed for people with heart problems.

Strengthening cartilages

Strength, flexibility, balance, coordination are the qualities needed for a good golf player. It turns out that if you want to prevent osteoarthritis, you must stay active, flexible and strong. Golf maintains our musculoskeletal system.

Sustained neurological work

It was also found that golf would work certain areas of the brain. This is a result of concentration and thought process that are needed for game strategy, viewing shots … If you are planning to enhance your game without having to make additional effort, consider buying a golf rangefinder. This device can help you calculate the distance to any point on the golf course.

Risks of injuries

Injuries on the golf course are rare but they exist nevertheless. They are mainly due to poor practice. A poorly made swing can cause tendinitis (inflammation of a tendon), or a ‘golfer’s elbow’ (elbow tendonitis) which is caused by a badly golf swing … It is therefore very important to take several classes if you want to perfect your moves and avoid injury risks.