During recent years, talking devices have become extremely popular. LG has taken advantage of this efficient technology in order to provide you with great services. They are thinking of adding an Health Management feature in their future products. If you are interested in learning more about this innovative feature read the following article.

What’s “Health Management” and how does it work?

The Health management feature of the LG refrigerator can store a great number of recipes and more information related to a food material, the amount of calories per recipe and even the effects of vegetables on your body. For a precise reading, your personal information will be required. This information can be added to the refrigerator directly from your phone so the refrigerator can start communicating with your smartphone via wi-fi. Based on the information received it generates a meal plan for you to follow. The main advantage of this feature is that it allows you to choose a single meal from a list of multiple dishes.

Advantages of using the Health management feature

This device comes with a variety of practical and versatile applications. The main applications are listed below:

  • Staying fit: This application compares your weight and height, checks the degree of obesity and recommends dishes according to the data received. In addition, if the device detects any abnormalities in your body weight it shows a warning message.
  • Keep allergies at bay: This is a useful feature, with the main purpose to help you avoid allergens that can be dangerous for your health. This application is designed to remove allergic foods from your dishes and to help you to stay healthy by recommending allergy-friendly recipes.
  • Storing various recipes: The main advantage of using a talking refrigerator is that it allows you to save time you would have spent normally looking for recipes online or taking notes from your favorite cooking shows. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to cook in a shorter time and much more easily than before.
  • Proper inventory management: LG want to make your life easier by showing a list of what is about to finish in your storage. This way you don’t need to go shopping often.
  • Keep track on what you consume: This is a useful application for when you have a medical appointment and you need to share all the information regarding what meals you had the last days to your doctor or dietitian. The app simply sends all the information on your smartphone.