Stating that a playing a sport is healthy is as if you would state that the grass is green. Of course, every sport comes with plenty of health benefits, some more than others. Bottom line is that practicing a sport is entertaining and healthy. But many have lately found that golf is not only a gentlemen’s game, but quite a soliciting one as well. And if this raises your curiosity, you must know that many clubs offer golf membership deals. However, let’s learn more about the health benefits playing golf brings.

Increase social interaction and improve mental health

Quite a socially enjoyable sport by nature, people playing golf oftentimes state that their mental health and social skills improved after getting into it.  You get the opportunity to maintain a healthy friendship with the people you care about most, if you manage to get them into this sport as well, and many even manage to bond new friendships. This contributes greatly to their mental health, self-esteem and self-worth feelings.

Work out that bladder

Although this might come as an unusual idea, you still have to improve the strength of your bladder. Also, while one crunches to “hold it” until a proper toilet break, they find it quite an efficient abdominal workout. You might be surprised how beneficial working your bladder out might be. Next time you will be able to watch a full movie without a break. Only think about the possibilities.

You will burn plenty of calories

Given the fact that you have to walk somewhere between 50 and 200 acres in order to cover a golf field, you will do plenty of work! Only think about how many calories you will burn by weekly playing golf! Add your clubs in the equation and the calories burned multiply! The fact that you exercise in fresh air contributes greatly as well, take this into account. Several studies have shown that constant exposure to greenery and green areas (hint: it is the golf field!) reduces stress levels and combats in great proportions anxiety levels.

Chances to suffer from injuries are almost non-existent

Unless you manage to hit yourself with a golf club, there are not many scenarios in which you could hurt yourself. You walk; therefore, there are no joint injuries you should be concerned about. You are not running, so your heart rate levels remain in normal parameters.