Strep throat is an unpleasant disease that gives you a wide range of nasty symptoms, from a high discomfort to coughing, fever and a general bad condition. Since it is an infection, it is usually treated with antibiotics, but some people do not want to take any antibiotics until they see a doctor and they neither want to suffer the pain. These natural remedies and healing tips can help you ease the strep throat symptoms and will make you feel much better in a short amount of time.

A humidifier helps you breathe easier

An easy breathing can make you feel ten times better when you have strep throat, so make sure you get clean and moist air in the room. When you catch a cold or you feel sick, you tend to overheat the room, which leads to a dry air that hampers your breathing and causes your nose and throat to become dry and painful. A humidifier can do wonders in alleviating the strep throat symptoms because it adds healthy moisture to the air that will help you breathe better and feel more comfortable. Humidifiers release water vapors in the air to adjust the air humidity to a healthy level that keeps your throat from becoming dry and sore.

Garlic kills the germs

Garlic is known for its antibacterial properties and its efficiency in killing germs and bacteria. It contains high amounts of sulfur that lower the inflammation and fight the infection in strep throat so that you will feel the symptoms less. Garlic also contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals that help the body recover during a disease, so trust this miraculous ingredient to help you ease and cure strep throat.

Honey is a great antibacterial

Honey is perhaps nature’s biggest antibacterial ingredient that has shown excellent results in fighting various diseases and infections, so no wonder it can help you ease the strep throat symptoms. Mix honey with garlic to get a double effect and add this mixture to a lemon tea that you use for gargling a few times a day. The results will not delay coming and in only a couple of days you will stop feeling any throat pain.

Apple cider vinegar for a strong body

The apple cider vinegar has many healing properties, it fights infections and cleans the blood to eliminate the toxins. This is why you can use it to help you calm the strep throat symptoms and to strengthen your immune system. Mix it with lemon, salt and some cayenne pepper and gargle with it a couple of times every day until the pain starts to fade.