In general surgical techniques can be grouped into two categories by the intended purpose: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive plastic surgery. Even though they are closely related, these two surgical techniques are not the same. Find out what sets them apart in the article below.

Differences between plastic and cosmetic surgeries

Cosmetic surgery is a highly specialized surgery that caters to both women and men. The need for cosmetic surgeries is common and most often justified in terms of morphology. The desire to look young has made cosmetic surgery to be one of the best and most popular areas of medicine. Interventions require not only medical knowledge, but also a particular understanding of the patient’s personality, because we found the so arbitrary term “beauty” behind this requests. Meanwhile, reconstructive plastic surgery means the repair, reconstruction and replacement of physical defects of form and function of the skin, musculoskeletal system, cranio-maxillo-facial structures, hands, arms and legs, breasts and torso. Plastic surgery is indicated for the treatment of abnormal structures of the body as a result of congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, severe burns, certain diseases or tumors.

Doctor – patient relationship

This is an essential aspect in any surgery, and more so in the case of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The surgeon must have the ability to properly understand your problems and expectations, to choose appropriate intervention, weighing the risks and benefits of surgery with its limits and to adapt to the peculiarities of a particular surgical procedure. Many plastic surgeons choose to perform cosmetic surgery, after going through additional training. However, the basis of their knowledge is still closely related to plastic surgery.

Example of cosmetic and plastic surgeries

  • Cosmetic procedure – remodeling body after massive weight decrease

The massive decrease in weight as a result of bariatric surgery is an important achievement: your health is improving perception of their own body and of life in general is changing and new possibilities may arise personally or socially. However, there are some remnants of previously overweight: folds of skin around the abdomen, thighs or arms, flabby looking breasts, etc. In addition, the skin loses its elasticity because it was extremely stretched a long time, unable to be retracted sufficiently after weight loss.

  • Plastic surgery : breast reduction

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy is obtained through several plastic surgery techniques which try to rebuild the breast closest to the shape, appearance and size of the page. The surgery can be performed immediately at the same time as mastectomy or remote operator when the plastic surgeon will reconstruct the breast after chest has healed and adjuvant treatment ended.