No matter how much we want to protect our children, one thing is for sure: we will never be able to be there for them at all times. At a certain point, we must put our trust in the education that we gave them and their better judgement. Nevertheless, leaving your child home alone for the first time can be a terrifying experience. There are a million things that can go wrong and although you can’t predict all possible situations,  you should at least be aware of some major risks in order to prevent accidents.

Environmental hazards

Perhaps you have instructed your child on how to behave if there is an emergency. You may have told him to call you if the bathroom is flooded or if the power is cut off, but have you instructed them on what to do before you come home and fix the problem. Moreover, while these are unpredictable situations, there are also foreseeable situations that you can avoid. For example, children should not be left alone with unsafe heating systems running. If you have a gas heater, you should take precautionary methods in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The safest thing to do would be to invest in a less dangerous space heater such as an infrared heater. Nevertheless, be sure to pick an infrared heater that remains cool to the touch and which has safety features that allow it to power itself off should it be tipped over. For this purpose, we advise you to visit where you will find a lot of comprehensive infrared heater reviews. The reviews focus on the convenience features of each heater, but also on their safety features.

Unsafe areas of the home

If you store a lot of power tools in the garage, you might want to lock the garage before leaving the children home alone. The last thing you want is your child playing with your power tools and injuring themselves. Moreover, if you have certain dangerous appliances, you might want to put them out of reach. For example, warm mist humidifiers features tanks filled with hot water. This is the type of device that should not be running when the child is home alone since children like to climb on furniture and might tip over the device, thus injuring themselves.

Preparing food

Unless your child is a Masterchef junior candidate that has been cooking ever since they were 5, children under the age of 12 should not use the stove unsupervised. It is best if you prepare some food for them to eat when they are home alone, food that they can heat using a safe appliance such as the microwave oven.

Safety at home

Whether or not you live in a safe neighborhood, it is essential to teach your child how to behave when someone is at the door. Ideally, children should not answer the door when they are home alone. In order to ensure that your child is safe whenever they are home alone, you should consider installing a home security camera system. Certain system allow you to highlight certain areas of interest and send you notifications on your smartphone when motion is detected in those areas. You can highlight the door and the windows. Some cameras also have a dual audio system, that you can use in order to listen to what is happening at home, but also for talking to your children when they are home alone. That way, you can supervise them at all times and you can also instruct them on what to do if there is someone at the door.