It takes an hour or so to become the proud owner of a tattoo, but with it, there may come some issues that can make you the owner of health problems. Getting inked is not a pain-free process, but if this is the first time you get a tattoo, then how you know if the pain you feel during the process is normal. Multiple complications can come with a tattoo, immediately after having it, or even years later. In case you have an old one that causes health issues, then you should get in touch with a studio specialised in South London tattoo removals, because they can offer you help. You need to pay attention to your tattoos to notice if there are infections, allergic reactions or other problems on your skin.

Allergic reactions are common when getting inked

The majority of people deal with allergic reactions when they get a tattoo. They have an allergic reaction to the pigment used to ink the skin. The most common allergic reactions are to red pigments. If you have this type of reaction, then you will get a rash on that area that can be itchy, bumpy and red. These symptoms can appear right after you have the tattoo or even years later.

You can experience sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disorder that causes swelling and itching. It can appear even years after you got inked, because it is not directly caused by the pigment. However, when it shows up on your body, it tends to do it on a tattoo. In addition, if you have psoriasis or eczema, then you can expect your condition to flare up if you have a tattoo.

Infections are a regular health issue for inked people

Infections can happen if you get inked. Your tattoo can become infected due to multiple causes, one of them implies the usage of contaminated tools. It is crucial to carefully choose the artist you work with, because you have to be sure that they use clean and disinfected tools. Dirty tools can pass you diseases as hepatitis, HIV or bacterial infections as impetigo and staph. If the artist uses contaminated ink, then you may end up suffering from a mycobacterial infection, so you have to be careful when you choose the tattoo studio.  If you notice red bumps or lesions on your body, you should see a doctor ASAP.