Few people appreciate traditions when modern technology can so easily replace them. For example, one might wonder if it is worth the effort of going to a salon to enjoy a traditional massage, when you can buy a Panasonic EP1285KL massage chair and enjoy a relaxing massage every day. Well, there are a few things that you should know about traditional Thai massages that will completely change your point of view. The traditional Thai Yoga Massage is more popularly known as Nuad Boran and this Eastern form of therapy focuses on working on the whole body instead of just a particular part. Thanks to the gentle pressure applied on the energy lines, both the outlook and the emotional status of the individual are significantly improved. Since this therapy provides great stress relief and relaxation, it is no surprise that clients are simply raving about it. However, Thai massage North Sydney is different compared to other forms of therapy. If you want to learn how, keep on reading.

Origin of Thai massage

The truth is that many people misunderstand the origin of Thai massage. The therapy began to evolve 2000 years ago and what you know now is actually an ancient healing system that combines acupressure and energy balancing techniques, but not only. The person that discovered this form of therapy is Jivaka Kumar Bhacca who is considered the Father of Medicine in Thailand. Although traditions used to be passed down orally, the royal court kept many reference texts that survived the test of time. In time, texts were redrawn and more than 60 texts that displayed epigraphs of treatment points and herbal remedies, not to mention energy lines, were gathered and displayed at the famous Wat Po temple in Bangkok.

Theoretical basis

You may think that there is no reason to pay for someone to massage you when you can buy a massage chair and enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in the comfort of your home. We read this EP1285KL massage chair review and we were indeed amazed that this chair uses technologies that simulate the movements of a masseur in order to improve the circulation, soothe sore muscles and deliver some pain relief. However, there is more to the Thai massage than just a specific set of movements. The main belief is that there are 72,000 energy lines in the human body. Even though there is no way of verifying the energy lines anatomically, they are still perceived to run through the body. However, only 10 of them are taken into consideration when it comes to Thai massage. These energy liens are considered sufficient to treat the body and the organs. When there are blockages that affect the energy lines through which the vital force circulates, there is strong belief that there is either a disease or a dysfunction. The practitioner’s job is to work along these energy lines and to apply pressure to certain points. Thus, the focus is on working with the energy body rather than with the physical body.

How the procedure is performed

As opposed to other types of healing therapies, in Thai Yoga massage there is no use for oils and creams. All the therapist needs is a mat floor. In order to fully centre himself on the work, the masseur starts with chanting holy shloka’s. Basically, the masseur works based on intuition, meaning that he has to have an insight for the energy flow. The treatment will begin with working on the lowest part of the body (the feet) and ends with the face. The purpose is to move the energy upward and increase the circulation of energy.

What are the results?

One of the main benefits of Thai massages is that they reduce stress levels and improve blood circulation. The overall circulation is enhanced due to the gradual movement of the therapist. In addition to this, the person’s flexibility is enhanced, meaning that the person will enjoy a better range of motion. The slow movements also allow for mind and spirit relaxation. Avoiding stress is extremely important because stressors cause serious heart problems.