If you are not worried about the air you breathe, then you should be. The air is full of harmful substances, be it inside or outside. As a matter of fact, the indoor environment is a lot more toxic compared to the outdoor one and what is troubling is that it can lead to immediate death. Common pollutants such as carbon monoxide and lead particles are leading causes of death. Even if they do not have tragic results, indoor air pollutants still can put your health at risk. Indoor air pollutants have both short-term and long terms effects, causing serious health problems. However, you can determine just how healthy the indoor environment is with the help of air quality testing Toronto. Poor indoor ambience quality can affect your wellbeing and this is how.  

Increased risk of cancer

There is a strong connection between indoor air pollution and cancer. A home can harbour many things, of which mention can be made of cigarette smoke and radon, the noxious gas found in building materials. It commonly thought that these two wrongdoers can only lead to respiratory diseases. But they are not the only ones. Fires are a source of indoor pollution as well. While there is no doubt that indoor pollutants trigger respiratory effects, they are also responsible for the appearance of cancer. People who are exposed for a long time to hazardous substances are likely to develop lung cancer and cancers of the neck and head. You may be tempted to think that if you do not leave the house you are safe, but in fact, you are not.

Respiratory health effect

We have mentioned respiratory issues and it is worth enlarging upon the subject. The respiratory system is the first one affected by air pollution and this is why special attention should be given to it. If you have strong contaminants in your home, you will start experiencing respiratory irritation. The condition may get worse with time. Possible complications are ischemic heart disease and pneumonia. Even if you do not develop complications, you will still remain hypersensitive. Basically, you will have to live with allergic rhinitis, that is hay fever.

Role in the development of chronic kidney disease

If you do not want to develop chronic kidney disease, you should better get your surroundings tested. If you are a parent, the more reason for you to be careful. Little ones are especially vulnerable when it comes to indoor air pollution as they spend most of their time indoors. Besides causing respiratory problems, wrongdoers can affect the kidneys. Over time, the kidney function is lost, the worst outcome being that they lose their function completely. Medium quality is connected with the prevalence of kidney disease, being one of the most important factors.


The bottom line is that indoor air pollution is not something you should take lightly. The harmful effects are numerous and it is worth mentioning that curing such illnesses takes more effort than preventing them. What you should do make sure that the air inside your home is not making you or your family sick.