Patients who undergo cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation have very sensitive skin, not to mention that is it dry as well. This produces significant shifts in the emotional health as well, the entire process being incredibly hard on the patient. Fortunately, there are ways of coping with the disease and improving both emotional and physical health. Women can be beautiful even if they are suffering from cancer thanks to Oncology Esthetics in Brisbane. More and more spas are including treatments specifically created for cancer patients who need some tender loving carng.

Skin issues that cancer patients deal with

The cancer treatments usually damages the cells of the skin and they most likely deal with issues like itching resulting from the harsh chemicals and pressure sores caused by constant friction. It is needless to mention that these problems can bring down the spirit of any person and consequently women feel that coming to the spa is not an option for them. Working with certified aesthetician helps combat all these skin issues.

Less is always more

When it comes to providing services for cancer patients, there is no clear answer on what cosmetic treatments should be avoided. For instance, excessive heat or strong exfoliants are to be avoided, but each individual is different. Basically, the treatment scheme depends largely on the type of cancer, what medical treatments the patient is currently undergoing and of course the side effects that he is experiencing. The principle of oncology aesthetics is that less is more. This means that the time is spent mostly on hand and foot massage or reflexology, but not only.

How does it actually work?

Unlike other aestheticians, an oncology aesthetician supplies services exclusively to cancer patients. What he offers are complementary therapies that are designed to treat the side effects resulting from the cancer treatment. Bu what kind of services can a patient benefit from? To be more precise, anyone who visits a spa enjoys services like skin consultation, brow reconstruction and even make-up. Other treatments that they can enjoy are aromatherapy and fitting services for those whose hair has been affected by chemotherapy.

The benefits of this complementary treatment

Having complementary treatments performed by an oncology aesthetician is certainly beneficial. What makes the treatment so different from others is firstly the touch. The gentle touch of the therapist is healing, but more importantly comforting. According to studies, this type of physical contact favours the psychological functioning, which means that it reduces stress and pain as well. The natural outcome is the increased ability to deal with it all. In addition to this, the products that are used are organic, non-toxic and paraben free.