When you adopt a puppy for your children, you want to offer him the best conditions to be sure that your little ones will enjoy his presence for many years. The best thing you can do is to see a veterinary, and ask his advice for how to raise your puppy. There are many things you should take into consideration when you are raising a dog, because you have to provide him a healthy diet, you have to be sure that you walk him according to his needs, and you have to vaccinate him on a regular basis. You should know that dogs could get sick too, so you should do your best and try to maintain his health, because many of the mature dogs develop cancer nowadays and they have to be treated with medicines like Yunnan Baiyao plaster, in order for them to get healthy again.

Do not offer him the wrong food

Many of your friends will try to advice on what food you should give your dog, and you might hear that he should eat dry kibble, because it will maintain the good state of his teeth. In addition, many people consider that you should offer him only premium quality dog food, cornstarch bones, and rawhide bones for keeping his teeth clean. Well, all these statements are actually harming your dog’s health. You should know that wrong food could cause him a lot of health problems, like dry or oily hair, excessive shedding, infections or itching.

Take care when you vaccinate him

You might had heard that a dog has to be vaccinated multiple times, not only when he is a puppy, but also when he is an adult. There are some vaccines, which have to be done in the first months of his life, like distemper, parvovirus, coronavirus and kennel cough, but some persons consider that they should bring their dog to the doctor every year for administering him booster shots, and they should worm him regularly. The fact is that you have to take care when you vaccinate your dog, because the wrong one might make him terrible sick, and if he has too many vaccinations, his immune system will get weaker. You should take care what flea products you use, because some of the substances are toxic for him.

Choose the best treatment in case he is sick

In case you notice that your dog is not feeling well, you should take him to the veterinary, because you will not be able to treat him according to his condition. If he prescribes him a medicine like Yunnan Baiyao you should not have second thoughts before purchasing it, because this medicine helped many dogs get healthy again. You should know that in many cases, the medicines found in the local store are not suitable for treating complex conditions as bleeding cancers, and you have to choose the oriental ones for assuring your beloved friend all he needs