Lately more and more persons decided to switch to vaping, because studies show that it is one of the healthies alternatives to smoking. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, and if you have this habit for many years, quitting it may not be an option for you. You need to find an alternative, a healthier one. And as stated before vaping is considered less dangerous than smoking. But, the majority of people do not have time to read extended studies, they need to know if they can find an alternative that offers them the possibility to enjoy their addiction without experiencing health issues. E-cigarettes are tobacco free, and this is one of the reasons why they are considered healthier than traditional cigarettes.

What are E-cigarettes?

They are called e-cigarettes because they have the form of a cigarette and they provide the user an amount of nicotine. But they are battery powered devices that produce a vapour. This is why when using this type of cigarette the action is referred to as vaping and not smoking. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco, because it is one of the main compounds that release nicotine. But e-cigarettes offer the user tobacco with the help of the liquid used as ingredients. But it is vaping a healthy alternative to smoking? The answer is YES, it is a healthier alternative, and it offers people the possibility to enjoy numerous flavours in comparison with the standard cigarettes.

What health effects does vaping have?

It is important for people to know that both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes provide a certain nicotine amount to the user. Depending on the manufacturer of the e-cigarette, it can produce from 250 to 400 puffs. They are equal to the number of puffs released by a traditional cigarette. Nicotine is an ingredient that can lead to health issues if it is used in great amounts. But there are e-cigarettes that do not produce nicotine, and your goal should be to slowly reduce the quantity in order to use nicotine free ones in the future.

Can you quit smoking by using E-cigarettes?

When people consider the option of using e-cigarettes, they want not only to find a healthier alternative to smoking, but also they want to quit smoking, because they know that, it is an unhealthy habit. With the help of e-cigarettes, you can reduce the amount of nicotine you inhale. If you want to achieve your goal, it is important to completely switch to vaping. For improved results, it is also advisable to try nicotine replacement therapy. Studies show that there are very few risks associated with the risk of e-cigarettes in the long run. The levels of chemicals in your body will decrease when you will completely make the switch. These studies show that the doubts about the safety of using cigarettes are wrong, because they not only that are safer but the quantity of nicotine they provide to the user is lower than the one produced by traditional cigarettes. This will help them deal with their cravings in a safer way.