Have you ever heard about minimalism? It involves living more by using less. The saying less is more is very popular, although few people actually apply it in their daily lives. Achieving a minimalist style can be tricky for people who never tried it before and especially for people who are somehow connected to their belongings. Minimalism involves defining your life using experiences and emotions rather than objects and money. This type of lifestyle will teach you how to be happier, more relaxed, less stressed. Here are some principles you might want to start following soon:

Decluttering every season

In order to start focusing on what really matters to you instead of being materialistic, you need to get rid of the things that you never use. Go ahead and look for storage units Toronto, rent one and take all the things you don’t need or use daily there. This will help you start your journey towards your minimalism slowly, not abruptly. You are able to get your things back whenever you wish if you don’t feel comfortable with your change, but you are also able to experience the life a minimalist would live. See if you enjoy it or not and get rid of the items for good only after you decided you are better off without them.

Stopping impulsive buying

Are you an impulsive buyer? To answer that question, you should analyze your behavior during your shopping sessions. Do you randomly see an item that was not on your shopping list and you decide it would be a good idea to buy it? Then yes, you might be an impulsive buyer. When you go shopping, you need to make a list with all the things that you truly need and use, and stick to it religiously. If you don’t do that, you will end up spending money on things that you are going to waste not far from now. Waste is the biggest enemy of living a minimalist life. All the decluttering that happens in your life has just one purpose – making you focus on what truly matters for you, on your feelings, on your emotions and thoughts.

Distinguish must-haves from optional items

In many situations, people say that they need something when in fact they simply want it. It is highly important to understand the difference between truly needing something and wanting something. Buying a new smartphone when your current one works just perfectly is just a waste of money that could create new problems later. You won’t get rid of all the stress and worries if you create yourself new problems.

Quality over quantity

Another criterion you should always keep in mind when buying something is that quality matters more than quantity. Buying one item that you like and that will last for a few years from now on is much better than buying a cheap one that you will have to change in a few months. You are wasting both energy and money if you focus on possessing as many items as possible.