Aging is an inevitable natural process that has its own beauty and cannot be reversed, but, if you want to conceal its effects and look younger, you can do it. Today, anti-aging technologies have gotten very far, and, depending on your budget and desired results, you can choose from a variety of invasive and non-invasive solutions. However, one thing that you should be aware of is that anti-aging creams and lotions have limited efficiency and that you should not expect dramatic results, especially after a certain age. Although these treatments are great as a preventive measure and they can get rid of superficial wrinkles, you should not expect them be just as efficient as time passes. In terms of efficiency, facelift surgery is the definitive solution that can significantly improve signs of aging and solve some issues that creams can’t.

Loose, saggy skin

Loose and saggy skin occurs when the skin loses its tightness and is most visible after the age of 60. People who have it complain that it makes them look older than they actually are and takes away from their freshness and vitality. Unfortunately, anti-aging creams with lifting effects don’t work, so facelift is the only thing that offers a visible improvement. The procedure is most efficient in people between ages 40-60, but excellent results can be achieved after the age of 70 as well. You can visit to learn more about the positive changes you can see after having facelift surgery.

Deep wrinkles

Wrinkles are the first sign of aging and they appear mostly in areas such as below the eyes, on the forehead or around the corners of the mouth. Some of these wrinkles are superficial and can disappear after applying high quality anti-aging creams rigorously. However, the effect of creams only works up to a certain age. As wrinkles get deeper and deeper, creams can longer penetrate all skin layers and they remain visible. If you have deep wrinkles, facelift can help you get rid of them and achieve a youthful face contour that lasts for years. Although the procedure is surgical, post-operatory discomfort is minimal and scars will fade quite quickly.

Fat deposits under the neck

Fat deposits under the neck can be very anaesthetic, making people feel uncomfortable and unattractive. Also known as “double chin” or “turkey neck”, these deposits can be caused by aging or weight gain and are difficult to get rid of without surgery. Facelift is an excellent alternative, because it solves your problem quickly and efficiently, restoring a fresh face contour that makes you look years younger.

These are the three main situations when facelift is recommended, but remember that each case is different and you should talk to a professional in advance. Depending on your age and skin condition, surgery may or may not be required. Moreover, you have to be in good health in order to have a facelift, so if you suffer from certain conditions your doctor may not allow you to sign up for surgery. No matter the reason why you choose this procedure, remember that you will only get the results you want by working with a professional cosmetic surgeon.